Saturday, 25 February 2012

Neon highlights

jason wu

I am the first to admit that the neon trend was not rocking my world. I felt like I had been caught up in an 80s revival complete with tie-dyed TShirts and happy pants. And yet slowly but surely I seem to be coming around. I can now appreciate it at least, but I think my contribution to the trend may stop at a clutch or pair of seasonal shoes. Unfortunately I don’t have an occasion on my calendar that would do the Jason Wu dress (above) any justice.

exploding crayons

hot pink and yellow


kate spade via marcus design

{Kate Spade}

katiederek tommy ton

neon bag via la dolce vita

neon color decor bright bold vivid furniture 80s via theaestate

neon color yago hortal art via theaestate

neon decor interior door kitchen bright via the aestate

neon shoes pink and green via la dolce vita

orange and blue via the simply luxurious life

thecoolhunter neon vases

tommy ton via jakandjil

via the travel stylist typepad com

YELLOW platform heels via the simply luxurious life


Ms Lover


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Anonymous said...

Where are the heels in the bottom pic from?