Sunday, 29 January 2012

Be still my beating heart


ok lovers, a little bit of man porn to get our weekend rocking. Yummo. Seriously how good does David Beckham look?!? I know there are two sides of the fence when it comes to tattoos, but he just rocks them.
I think I may need a moment…

Ms Lover (shhh don’t tell Mr Husband)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

What colour are you?

Don’t think about it. Just look down to the colour chart below. Where are your eyes drawn first? What colour attracts you? Ok. If you cheated and started to try and read the writing, close your eyes and start again, then scroll down for your colour description.
colorscope 01
I was really excited when I found this over at The Aestate, one of my favourite blogs. My colour was beet, but I was drawn to lake as well. I love the names they have used to describe each colour, how can the words grape, night, pool, bluebell, fuchsia, papaya and rhubarb not make you happy.
I would like to think that that I am inspirational and show empathy and sympathetic.

colorscope 2
colorscope 3
colorscope 4
colorscope 07
Mrs Wife and Ms Lover

Friday, 27 January 2012

Lady Like Behaviour

I am loving the new Spring 2012 Christian Dior Couture. It echoes the golden era of lady like behaviour, where you powdered your nose, wore gloves when you went out and a gentleman would order you a martini.
The tucked waists, full skirts, flattering silhouettes are a departure from the Lady Gaga style of John Galliano. It makes you feel like you could wear it, even if you cant afford it. It becomes accessible even if you didn’t score the seat next to Anna Wintour, the latest it girl, or some other A list celebrity.
So feast your eyes on these lovers, and let me know what you think. Martini anyone?

black and white

black and white ruffles

black sheer pleat skirt

full skirt ruffles

glitter full skirt

hounds tooth

mink folds

one shoulder

purple reign

red full skirt

sheer gaga

sheer spots

white sheer
{images found here}
Ms Lover

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wrapping up

clay courts

So i just had to end the Tennis week with a totally hot glam shot of the clay court!! happy weekend lovers.

Mrs Lover

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Stalking the Royals… again…

vintage liz

So my latest love of the tennis is best combined with my slightly stalkerish tendency to stalk the royals. So I thought I would share (perhaps its a type of therapy.) I particularly like the one of Queen Elizabeth vintage style. And who would not swoon over the picture of Princess Diana with Prince William. Oh, and yep, that’s Serena Williams again in the final pic.


diana and william

kate and wills

queen at tennis

royals at the tennis

serena and queen
Ms Lover

Monday, 23 January 2012

Anyone for tennis???

50s tennis

If I had a strapping young lad like this guy to check my serve, I may sport a cardigan and racquet more often!! Oh la la. And clearly tennis can be for the fashionista in all of all and the vintage Vogue poster illustrates.

60s  glam

1929 vogue
{1929 Vogue}

1947 tennis outfit

butterick tennis

ginger rogers tennis
{Ginger Rogers}

history of lacoste

pattern 8857

vintage tennis 1

vintage tennis 2

vogue tennis

So anyone for a game?

Ms Lover

Sunday, 22 January 2012

In the stands

Half the attraction of any professional tennis match is celebrity spotting in the stands. This year the Australian Open is yet to field A grade celebrities so I have to be content with the wives and girlfriends of the players. This isn’t always the case of course, and throughout the season many celebs have been seen. The US Open tends to gather a good field. Again, the following is a mix from previous games of tennis. My fav is Anna Wintour. Seriously, I don’t think I had seen her smile like this before. And I couldn’t decide if I should include Pippa Middleton in a future post, or if indeed she is a celebrity. She certainly seemed to attend a lot of games since she rode the coat tails of her sisters fame.

anna winton us open
{Anna Wintour US Open}

beyonce and jayz
{Beyonce and Jay Z pre baby Blue}

charlise theron
{Charlize Theron}

gwen and gavin
{Gwen and Gavin}

pippa middleton at the tennis
{Pippa Middleton}

robert redford
{Robert Redford}

Ms Lover

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Double Fault

serena williams wimbleton 2011
{Serena Williams, Wimbleton 2011)

It would come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am currently very tired and edgy. The reason? Well… it’s the Australian Open. I love the Australian summer tennis. I become completely absorbed. I tune out from Mr Husband, I tell him I’ll be up to bed in five minutes and I find myself still on the couch hours later. I save the draw onto my shortcuts on my phone. I find excuses to go into the TV room at work so I can check scores. It is crazy! So in some weird way I have decided that if I share my obsession with you all for the next week it is somewhat excusable about how vague I have become.

To start with the bad side of tennis, the ugly side. Come on – we all know that we have seen tennis outfits and tantrums that have left us speechless.

Serena Williams never fails to amaze me with her choice of outfits, and this year Marcus Baghdatis takes the cake for best tanty (four racquets later) I wonder what his sponsor think. Now in Serena’s defence, the photos included below are not just from the Australian Open 2012, it is a ‘collection’ you might say.

bethanie mattek
{Bethanie Mattek}

green and gold

john macenroe
{John Macenroe}

{Nadia Petrova}

{Serena Williams in denim}

{Marcus Baghdatis and what’s left of his racquet}

{note to Serena, skin coloured undies are NOT always your best friend}

Coming soon, the nicer side of tennis, and a bit of vintage retrospect.
Ms Lover