Sunday, 22 January 2012

In the stands

Half the attraction of any professional tennis match is celebrity spotting in the stands. This year the Australian Open is yet to field A grade celebrities so I have to be content with the wives and girlfriends of the players. This isn’t always the case of course, and throughout the season many celebs have been seen. The US Open tends to gather a good field. Again, the following is a mix from previous games of tennis. My fav is Anna Wintour. Seriously, I don’t think I had seen her smile like this before. And I couldn’t decide if I should include Pippa Middleton in a future post, or if indeed she is a celebrity. She certainly seemed to attend a lot of games since she rode the coat tails of her sisters fame.

anna winton us open
{Anna Wintour US Open}

beyonce and jayz
{Beyonce and Jay Z pre baby Blue}

charlise theron
{Charlize Theron}

gwen and gavin
{Gwen and Gavin}

pippa middleton at the tennis
{Pippa Middleton}

robert redford
{Robert Redford}

Ms Lover

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