Sunday, 8 January 2012

Wedding bells…

I know I have been very naughty lately. I am terribly sorry. It seems that the holiday break has got away from me and tomorrow I am returning to work. It has been a busy last few days with my in-laws staying with us and last night Mr Husband and I attended a lovely wedding.
So it is a short post because the night is drawing on. But a toast to my friend who has found happiness with a lovely man.
Here’s to you Liz!
(post script… Mr Husband just pointed out that JFK and Jackie didn’t really have the most successful marriage.. I was trying to highlight the beauty and love felt on a day like a wedding…)

Love Mrs Wife

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My Secret Rooms said...

Well, I'm glad your friend found love and had a wonderful wedding! Weddings are great parties!!
No, the Kennedys may not have had the happiest of marriages but they sure did look good.... ;-)

What a beautiful pic of them, you present here!