Saturday, 28 January 2012

What colour are you?

Don’t think about it. Just look down to the colour chart below. Where are your eyes drawn first? What colour attracts you? Ok. If you cheated and started to try and read the writing, close your eyes and start again, then scroll down for your colour description.
colorscope 01
I was really excited when I found this over at The Aestate, one of my favourite blogs. My colour was beet, but I was drawn to lake as well. I love the names they have used to describe each colour, how can the words grape, night, pool, bluebell, fuchsia, papaya and rhubarb not make you happy.
I would like to think that that I am inspirational and show empathy and sympathetic.

colorscope 2
colorscope 3
colorscope 4
colorscope 07
Mrs Wife and Ms Lover

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