Saturday, 21 January 2012

Double Fault

serena williams wimbleton 2011
{Serena Williams, Wimbleton 2011)

It would come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am currently very tired and edgy. The reason? Well… it’s the Australian Open. I love the Australian summer tennis. I become completely absorbed. I tune out from Mr Husband, I tell him I’ll be up to bed in five minutes and I find myself still on the couch hours later. I save the draw onto my shortcuts on my phone. I find excuses to go into the TV room at work so I can check scores. It is crazy! So in some weird way I have decided that if I share my obsession with you all for the next week it is somewhat excusable about how vague I have become.

To start with the bad side of tennis, the ugly side. Come on – we all know that we have seen tennis outfits and tantrums that have left us speechless.

Serena Williams never fails to amaze me with her choice of outfits, and this year Marcus Baghdatis takes the cake for best tanty (four racquets later) I wonder what his sponsor think. Now in Serena’s defence, the photos included below are not just from the Australian Open 2012, it is a ‘collection’ you might say.

bethanie mattek
{Bethanie Mattek}

green and gold

john macenroe
{John Macenroe}

{Nadia Petrova}

{Serena Williams in denim}

{Marcus Baghdatis and what’s left of his racquet}

{note to Serena, skin coloured undies are NOT always your best friend}

Coming soon, the nicer side of tennis, and a bit of vintage retrospect.
Ms Lover

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