Friday, 27 January 2012

Lady Like Behaviour

I am loving the new Spring 2012 Christian Dior Couture. It echoes the golden era of lady like behaviour, where you powdered your nose, wore gloves when you went out and a gentleman would order you a martini.
The tucked waists, full skirts, flattering silhouettes are a departure from the Lady Gaga style of John Galliano. It makes you feel like you could wear it, even if you cant afford it. It becomes accessible even if you didn’t score the seat next to Anna Wintour, the latest it girl, or some other A list celebrity.
So feast your eyes on these lovers, and let me know what you think. Martini anyone?

black and white

black and white ruffles

black sheer pleat skirt

full skirt ruffles

glitter full skirt

hounds tooth

mink folds

one shoulder

purple reign

red full skirt

sheer gaga

sheer spots

white sheer
{images found here}
Ms Lover

1 comment:

My Secret Rooms said...

Oh, my goodness!!!!
How gracious ;-D

I'm definitely up for a martini and what more: I get so inspired seeing these!

I love fantasizing about the fifties and I often naively think things were much easier then (which I'm pretty sure they actually weren't). But your photos make me wonder this:
What on earth did the ladies and gentlemen talk about in a bar, having a martini, back then? The ladies didn't work and the gents did and I wonder what topics were debated? Such different lives, I mean...

Needless to say - I love the post! Thanks dear.