Tuesday, 3 January 2012

House Love

Sullivan-Conard-Architects-01 lounge with barcelona

It takes a pretty special house for me to love the whole thing. Normally I love some rooms, and not others, or they may seem ‘over styled.’ But anyone who knows me, knows I love concrete, and this amazing baby does not disappoint.
Designed by Sullivan Conrad Architects this residence in Seattle is concrete heaven. The best types of concrete buildings, in my opinion, let the material be the focus, without making it feel like a commercial building, art gallery or tourist centre! This home is a great example of how the architectural details are still the focus, but a warmth has been added with furniture. For the coffee brown Barcelona Chairs, to the Arne Jacobson Egg chairs, the wooden dinning table, and those windows with a view to die for, this house would get my vote! I love that most of the shelving and cupboards are built in. I love that their is a false hanging ceiling inn the kitchen which helps to mix up the vertical space, but does not impede on the over all vibe.
Yep, this house reinforces my opinion that the simplest of building materials, and finishes are still the best, and still rocking it in architecture.

Sullivan-Conard-Architects-002 lounge outlook

Sullivan-Conard-Architects-003 library

Sullivan-Conard-Architects-004 stairwell

Sullivan-Conard-Architects-006 entry

Sullivan-Conard-Architects-007 exterior

Ms Lover (of concrete)

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