Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Blue and Green for the lovers

When i was a little one I remember loving blue. I wsant really a girly girl so not really into the pinks and reds. The thing that seem to dictate the clothes and toys I was given was the fact that my sister was on 15 months older than me, so if we got a present, it was generally the same or similar but in a different colour. Lately i have seen lots of blue and green that I love, particulalry in clothes but interiors too. I think it was a skirt by Kate Spade (who I have a girl crush on )that started it all, unfortunately now of course I cant find a picture anywhere. But it was a full pleated skirt with white blue and green stripes of diffrent widths, teamed with a thin belt. The ultimate lady like skirt for spring. ahhh
Another example more close to home is the new season David Lawrence dress that has the same colours going. I think it looks almost like a sateen fabric, not in store last time I checked so I cant confirm.
The block colours of the season really seem to be complemented with blues and greens and then orange and reds. I'm loving it all. And the weather today makes me want to go out there and buy a new wardrobe of blue and green!

Interiors on the other hand, should still remain classic (or at least classy) in their colour combinations. i certainly wouldnt be keen for the same stripe affect on my walls at home. However - beautiful blue intriors have always held a fond place in my heart.

And i am so sorry but I have lost the reference for this striking room. Loving the skirting board / wall contrast and the fact that the ceilings were kept flush and simple.

Blue velvet sofa from SITC II (oh excuse me - blue wool-mohair sofa by Montauk)

xxx Ms Lover

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hot tips for new wives!!

I love receiving emails like this one. The hot tips for wives so that they might please their husbands. The pre-historic notion that the wife must serve and obey has always made me laugh and yet I do percribe to the idea that a wife has a role in a relationship - as does a husband, and that indeed it is nice to dress up for your man, make an effort with perfume or painted toenails. I do not however believe that it should be one sided. Hence the amusement of such pearlers listed above ... "when he reaches his moment of fulfulment a small moan from  yourself is encouraging to him and quite sufficient to indicate any enjoyment to may have had.."

Well ladies all this time I have been doing it wrong, thinking I was suppose to be enjoying myself! Apparently my only role is to offer a small moan. Pressure is off now!!

I also like the fact that my applying night cream or rollers could be seen as shocking by my husband and I am better off doing it once he is asleep. Opps, sorry husband. Didnt mean to shock you all these years. I have a confession ladies, I wouldnt even know how to put rollers in, and when I get time to put night cream on I am so excited by the luxury I really couldnt care who sees me!

As is my admiration for such ditties as the one above I purchased the delightful little book when in London - "Don'ts for Wives" published in 1913. Thank God I did because I dont think my relationship could have lasted the past ten years without it.

"Don't set your husband up on a pedestal and then cry when you find that he is only an ordinary man, after all"


"Don't be out if you can help it when your husband gets home after his day's work"

and  finally

"Don't keep a servant who can't be punctual with meals. Nothing upsets a hungry man's temper more than being kept waiting for his dinner"

I'm pretty sure if I had a servant I would have the time to set my hair in the evening so that I could wait at the front door with baited breath for his arrival and have dinner ready. First perhaps a martini to ease his nerves after a hard day at the office.

So wives and lovers be careful to take care with your dear husbands and lovers, apparently they are delicate creatures.

Mrs Wife

Thursday, 25 August 2011

By golly it's Oly

I am in love with this table by Oly San Fransisco. So much so that I drove across town to Coco Republic just so I could drool all over it. There is a variety of finishes and tops available in the range, but the brushed gold legs and white top are totally doing it for me. Surely every home should have a touch of gold? Unfortunately for me the George Table is a little out of my price range and only available by special order, so for now its on the lust list.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Oh Petra!

Do you have a clear memory from your childhood that lead you on a path in adulthood?

I remember very clearly as a child being interested in buildings. Logically i imagine it came from my dad being a builder. Anyway I digress, I clearly remember being given a book on architecture through the Ages. I probably still have the thin volume, aimed at children. Anyway inside was the first picture of Petra that I had ever seen. It was glorious. How could they make that, without todays technology? I am still gobsmacked by the buildings in Jordan. It's on my places to visit.

As for the path into adulthood, I was amazed how people could design such beauty out of nothing and decided I wanted to be an architect. It was all I wanted to do, I did it for work experience, I did crude drawings of dream houses - all the usual childhood things. And I did go do it - well at least I went to Uni and studied it for four years, and at the end decided it wasn't for me. No matter how much I wanted to I just didnt have a natural knack for it.

 I think I will always love buildings and interiors and designers.

And I will always have Petra.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

For the love of a Featherston

So, one of my first posts was about my new love - an Eames Chair for Mr Husband. This week I was lucky enough to purchase a piece of what I consider Australian design history - an original Grant Featherson chair. So in honour of the amazing designer I thought I would write about him...

The Australian designer was born in 1922 and died in 1995, he leaves a legacy of fantastic furniture and lighting. His wife was also a design of great talent. After returning from the war he designed perhaps his most famous piece of furniture - a moulded plywood shell Contour chair of 1951. In 1996 both he and his wife were the inaugral inductees into the Design Institute of Australia Hall of Fame.

The Age Dream Home, Melbourne, furniture by Grant Featherston 1955 (NLA)


Of my piece, I love the fan shaped bak and the delicate tapered legs. I love how comfy it is. And I basically want to get dressed up in the 50s and sit in it with a drink in my hand! Unfortunately due to the inquisitive nature of my two year old, this beauty is tucked away safely in my bedroom for just me and Mr Husband to enjoy. Do you think I may have a reason to get new bed linen....

Ms Lover ... of Featherston's!!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hello Lovers

Hello Lovers
well its been a few days. Very busy days at my end. Mr Husband was home and we had all the usual domestics to catch up on. I also had the delightful task of attending a 20th and 21st Century Design auction. I walked away the proud new owner of a gorgeous Featherston chair. My favourite Australian designer of the 50's and 60's. I promised myself that one day I will own the whole set of his contour collection. That was 5 years ago. I will be patient! (and they will be mine!!)

I caught up with a friend who cooked yummy barramundi. It felt like forever since I had fish. She baked in for about 10 minutes after covering it with yoghurt mixed with curry powder and slivered almods - who would have thought! YUM!!

OK - so i have lots of catching up to do with the photos - and I will.

Ms lover

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

How did you get here?

What was it that got you into blogging? For me it was my sister. She started sifting through blogs, created her own and then lead me on a big adventure.

What's your blogging story?

Every day I seem to have a little conversation in my head about what I want to write about. But time and sitting down seems to be the issue. Getting there though, it needs to be my new priority. Sometimes instead I find myself just checking out other blogs. I think its part of being scared about setting up your own blog. It is a daunting experience. Recently I read about some negative feedback Heather at Habitually Chic received. How sad. This is not the place for it. Keep it to yourself.

Anyway, so what is my inspiration this week? Definately a few new little things. The change in weather was delightful last week, but it seems as quick as the sun came it has left again. I am definately in between seasons. New seasons make me want to start afresh. You know that feeling that 'this season I will have a coordinated wardrobe and look fabulous all the time...'

I know its a charming though, but reality always sets in pretty quickly!!

So the inspiration? Well its two fold. Firstly its the new book I sought out after seeing so many great reviews. Kerrie Hess' Shoe String Chic. Its delightful!! The pictures are glorious. I want large original copies of the water colours for my walls. Check it out, if not for the great wardrobe advice, for the gorgeous pictures!

Secondly, how many times have we all read that one of the 'must own' items in any wardrobe should be a trench? (It is also number 6 in Hess' book). I have long lusted after many different styles, a simple tan cotton, the military style woolen type. You name it - I'd be happy with it. Well imagine my surprise when my Mr Husband arrived home from a work trip with a Burberry bag. Bless you Trench Coat Gods!! The trench is beautiful. Dark blue and black check, high neck, perfect length belt. Ahhh... pictures still to come.

Mrs Wife