Wednesday, 10 August 2011

How did you get here?

What was it that got you into blogging? For me it was my sister. She started sifting through blogs, created her own and then lead me on a big adventure.

What's your blogging story?

Every day I seem to have a little conversation in my head about what I want to write about. But time and sitting down seems to be the issue. Getting there though, it needs to be my new priority. Sometimes instead I find myself just checking out other blogs. I think its part of being scared about setting up your own blog. It is a daunting experience. Recently I read about some negative feedback Heather at Habitually Chic received. How sad. This is not the place for it. Keep it to yourself.

Anyway, so what is my inspiration this week? Definately a few new little things. The change in weather was delightful last week, but it seems as quick as the sun came it has left again. I am definately in between seasons. New seasons make me want to start afresh. You know that feeling that 'this season I will have a coordinated wardrobe and look fabulous all the time...'

I know its a charming though, but reality always sets in pretty quickly!!

So the inspiration? Well its two fold. Firstly its the new book I sought out after seeing so many great reviews. Kerrie Hess' Shoe String Chic. Its delightful!! The pictures are glorious. I want large original copies of the water colours for my walls. Check it out, if not for the great wardrobe advice, for the gorgeous pictures!

Secondly, how many times have we all read that one of the 'must own' items in any wardrobe should be a trench? (It is also number 6 in Hess' book). I have long lusted after many different styles, a simple tan cotton, the military style woolen type. You name it - I'd be happy with it. Well imagine my surprise when my Mr Husband arrived home from a work trip with a Burberry bag. Bless you Trench Coat Gods!! The trench is beautiful. Dark blue and black check, high neck, perfect length belt. Ahhh... pictures still to come.

Mrs Wife


Romana said...

Can't wait to see pics!!

My Secret Rooms said...

Hi there!
I found you via your sister and it's exciting to follow a brand new blogger :-) So, I'll give it a go here.

Your questions:
-I started blogging in 1998 thanks to my education that demanded I'd learn. Ever since then I've been blogging.

-My blogging history? I blogged in my native language and with my full name up until last year when I didn't like some readers to follow me any longer. I then stopped that blog and started this new one, that I want to be international and anonymous.
I love the english language, so it's a very cosy challenge for me.

I also LOVE those Eames chairs and I hope to own one (or two!) some day.

I look forward to your upcoming blogging. Good luck!