Tuesday, 23 August 2011

For the love of a Featherston

So, one of my first posts was about my new love - an Eames Chair for Mr Husband. This week I was lucky enough to purchase a piece of what I consider Australian design history - an original Grant Featherson chair. So in honour of the amazing designer I thought I would write about him...

The Australian designer was born in 1922 and died in 1995, he leaves a legacy of fantastic furniture and lighting. His wife was also a design of great talent. After returning from the war he designed perhaps his most famous piece of furniture - a moulded plywood shell Contour chair of 1951. In 1996 both he and his wife were the inaugral inductees into the Design Institute of Australia Hall of Fame.

The Age Dream Home, Melbourne, furniture by Grant Featherston 1955 (NLA)


Of my piece, I love the fan shaped bak and the delicate tapered legs. I love how comfy it is. And I basically want to get dressed up in the 50s and sit in it with a drink in my hand! Unfortunately due to the inquisitive nature of my two year old, this beauty is tucked away safely in my bedroom for just me and Mr Husband to enjoy. Do you think I may have a reason to get new bed linen....

Ms Lover ... of Featherston's!!


My Secret Rooms said...

Ohh, jeez I LOVE that chair! I have actually never seen it before!
The legs are so delicate and the back is just.. beautiful.

What a great buy!

Romana said...

lovely, simply can't wait to see it in person. Will you let me sit in it?? I will wear my nicest frock ;)