Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Oh Petra!

Do you have a clear memory from your childhood that lead you on a path in adulthood?

I remember very clearly as a child being interested in buildings. Logically i imagine it came from my dad being a builder. Anyway I digress, I clearly remember being given a book on architecture through the Ages. I probably still have the thin volume, aimed at children. Anyway inside was the first picture of Petra that I had ever seen. It was glorious. How could they make that, without todays technology? I am still gobsmacked by the buildings in Jordan. It's on my places to visit.

As for the path into adulthood, I was amazed how people could design such beauty out of nothing and decided I wanted to be an architect. It was all I wanted to do, I did it for work experience, I did crude drawings of dream houses - all the usual childhood things. And I did go do it - well at least I went to Uni and studied it for four years, and at the end decided it wasn't for me. No matter how much I wanted to I just didnt have a natural knack for it.

 I think I will always love buildings and interiors and designers.

And I will always have Petra.

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