Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Blue and Green for the lovers

When i was a little one I remember loving blue. I wsant really a girly girl so not really into the pinks and reds. The thing that seem to dictate the clothes and toys I was given was the fact that my sister was on 15 months older than me, so if we got a present, it was generally the same or similar but in a different colour. Lately i have seen lots of blue and green that I love, particulalry in clothes but interiors too. I think it was a skirt by Kate Spade (who I have a girl crush on )that started it all, unfortunately now of course I cant find a picture anywhere. But it was a full pleated skirt with white blue and green stripes of diffrent widths, teamed with a thin belt. The ultimate lady like skirt for spring. ahhh
Another example more close to home is the new season David Lawrence dress that has the same colours going. I think it looks almost like a sateen fabric, not in store last time I checked so I cant confirm.
The block colours of the season really seem to be complemented with blues and greens and then orange and reds. I'm loving it all. And the weather today makes me want to go out there and buy a new wardrobe of blue and green!

Interiors on the other hand, should still remain classic (or at least classy) in their colour combinations. i certainly wouldnt be keen for the same stripe affect on my walls at home. However - beautiful blue intriors have always held a fond place in my heart.

And i am so sorry but I have lost the reference for this striking room. Loving the skirting board / wall contrast and the fact that the ceilings were kept flush and simple.

Blue velvet sofa from SITC II (oh excuse me - blue wool-mohair sofa by Montauk)

xxx Ms Lover


My Secret Rooms said...

Oh, I can't believe that you're actually talking about spring....!

I'm facing the first autumn month here and now starting to light candles for that cosy fall-feel...

I like those colors you talk about, they look very good together.
I hope to get to see some spring pics of you in them soon ;-)

I just decided to listen to my own voice and go "back to black" since that's what I really feel comfortable in.
I tried a lot more color this passed spring and summer and felt kind of dressed out as a clown - and that is never a good feeling!!

Romana said...

Mmmm, so loving blue and green too. Perfect for our Spring. Interiors and fashion! xx