Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hot tips for new wives!!

I love receiving emails like this one. The hot tips for wives so that they might please their husbands. The pre-historic notion that the wife must serve and obey has always made me laugh and yet I do percribe to the idea that a wife has a role in a relationship - as does a husband, and that indeed it is nice to dress up for your man, make an effort with perfume or painted toenails. I do not however believe that it should be one sided. Hence the amusement of such pearlers listed above ... "when he reaches his moment of fulfulment a small moan from  yourself is encouraging to him and quite sufficient to indicate any enjoyment to may have had.."

Well ladies all this time I have been doing it wrong, thinking I was suppose to be enjoying myself! Apparently my only role is to offer a small moan. Pressure is off now!!

I also like the fact that my applying night cream or rollers could be seen as shocking by my husband and I am better off doing it once he is asleep. Opps, sorry husband. Didnt mean to shock you all these years. I have a confession ladies, I wouldnt even know how to put rollers in, and when I get time to put night cream on I am so excited by the luxury I really couldnt care who sees me!

As is my admiration for such ditties as the one above I purchased the delightful little book when in London - "Don'ts for Wives" published in 1913. Thank God I did because I dont think my relationship could have lasted the past ten years without it.

"Don't set your husband up on a pedestal and then cry when you find that he is only an ordinary man, after all"


"Don't be out if you can help it when your husband gets home after his day's work"

and  finally

"Don't keep a servant who can't be punctual with meals. Nothing upsets a hungry man's temper more than being kept waiting for his dinner"

I'm pretty sure if I had a servant I would have the time to set my hair in the evening so that I could wait at the front door with baited breath for his arrival and have dinner ready. First perhaps a martini to ease his nerves after a hard day at the office.

So wives and lovers be careful to take care with your dear husbands and lovers, apparently they are delicate creatures.

Mrs Wife


My Secret Rooms said...

It's both hilarious and sad.
Thinking of the role of the woman - even in the bedroom - gives you a good idea of how life was.
You were for sure, left to the goodness of your husband...

The hilarious part is, to me, thinking of having a servant, staying up after the hubs falls asleep not to shock him and then get up before him, to make his tea.
I'll bet it was a grand life being a man...!!

I have a copy of a magazine from 1947 that I take a look in every now and then and it is also a different world.
Then I realize my grandmother was looking after my father, who was 1 year old, when that mag came.
Not so long ago, after all...

Thanks for this amusing blog post!
I'll now prepare some tea for my husband!

Romana said...

lol, fab post. Hillarious really, but lots of fun. Please pray no men actually read it, we could be in trouble!

My Secret Rooms said...

Hi again!
Thanks for your dear sweet comment!
I really enjoy following your brand new blog.
I'm an oldie in blogging but this particular blog of mine is pretty new too, so I know the feeling.
Good to have some followers - it makes blogging even more fun!

So: you keep it coming too!