Sunday, 1 January 2012

Coming Clean

So the aftermath of cleaning out the closets has become evident. We are now faced with several large bags that need to be sorted for charity, markets and various other uses. It got me thinking about all the great closets and dressing areas I have seen in blog land.
Of course I can dream about owning the contents of someone like Khloe Kardashian’s closet, but I could possible go the decor too.
There are some other more classic inspirations too.. enjoy.. (Spring cleaning anyone?)
082511-Khloe-Closet-400 Kardashian via Instyle
{Canadian House and Home}
celerie-kemble-elle decor 0711-07
{Celerie Kemble for Elle Decor}
honey were home
{Honey We’re Home}
kate spade store
{Kate Spade}
ok, technically not a closets, but seriously who wouldn’t want to get dressed here?
via Gramercy
{via Gramercy}
Are they Hermes boxes? Please! Someone stop me drooling!
via New England Brooks and Falotico 7 via VT Interiors
{via VT Interiors}
Mrs Wife


Romana said...

I would take any of the above, stunning!

Seema said...

Great inspiration to get organized.

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Thanks so much!

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