Monday, 21 November 2011

Barbies Dream House

Looking back to the time when I studied architecture and design, I really wish that I had the chance to do something as outrageous as this... Design Barbies dream home. Can you believe it for real??

The American Institute of Architects put out the call earlier this year after Mattel announced its latest "I can be..." an architect barbie. There was several lash outs over Mattels design, you know "why is she pink - whats with the glasses?" type thing, but you have to remember it's a barbie and it's really for children. That said - I would be tempted to get one!

We have Despina Stratigakos and Kelly Hayes McAlonie to thank for the latest doll. Despina, an architectural historian and author of "A Woman's Berlin: Building a Modern City" made a stand in 2007 when she staged her own exhibition of architect Barbie, bemoaning the male domination of licensed architectural practices.

So following the announcment of Architect Barbie, AIA put out the call for Barbies dream home. The winning design by Ting Li and Maja Paklar, showing barbie as a "creative, fashionable, busy and powerful "Malibu dwelling professional.
"The concept of this house reflects exactly who Barbie is in her new profession," reads the project statement.
"She has pledged to build an environmentally sustainable home using the principles set forth by USGBC as well as to stay true to all the needs of a classic California girl!"
The house also includes a computer-controlled centrally located closet to house Architect Barbie's designer clothes, a meditation space for her to relax in, an exercise room for keeping fit, a greenhouse and a landscaped garden for her pets.

Ms Lover (of Architect Barbie!)


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My Secret Rooms said...

Hahaha! Oh, my goodness :-)
What if that existed when I was in my Barbie years.... Oh, boy!