Friday, 4 November 2011

Macaroon Love from Around the World

I love macaroons. The colour, the classic and sometimes risky flavours. I love the initial crunch before the melting in your mouth of sweet goo. And now I love that high quality macaroons are really anywhere in the world. Theurel and Thomas has them in Mexico, of course the classic is Laduree in France, if you are a Sydney local go no further then Adrian Zumbo, and if you hail from Melbourne check out Labelle Miette. Laduree is worth a visit just for the animation - The perfect extra little something to take to a Christmas soiree.

1 comment:

My Secret Rooms said...

Happy colors in the post!
I guess I'm the only person in the world who hasn't tried these yet?!
For some reason I've thought they must not be all that tasty - they don't look it!!

They look more cute than tasty, I suppose I've thought...
Must try them now!