Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A dream house

I will be the first to admit that dolls are not my thing. I even struggle with teddy bears. Its become difficult now that I am a parent - no one wants to deprive their child, but the idea of excessive amounts of ugly toys frustrates me.

If, however, one of these babies was available I would be buying it straight away. It may or may not make it into my daughters room to play with. I think it may have to be an adult toy. Oh bless those talented Eames. Ray and Charles you are still my heroes. My husband may have ownership of your chair, but the dolls house would be mine.


So anywho - back in 1959 the talented duo designed the dolls house for Revell, but it was never produced. The modular design is just to die for. The simplicity in the design gives so much. If it came with scale models of all the furniture I would be even more in heaven. And I'm not fussy - happy to take it in life size as well!

In other news, there has been quite the buzz in the blog world about dolls houses (child and adult versions alike). To check out more from those creative folk head here.

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My Secret Rooms said...

I had no idea the Eames-guys had designed doll houses!!!

I learn so much here, these days ;-)