Friday, 9 September 2011

Weekend project inspiration #1

Ok so I know it's kind of cheating because I don't think you could buy it as a single item - but I am loving this idea from Martha Stewart as seen at PVE design. So simple and lovely. I'm going to hunt down some bottles. Maybe it could be a little project for the weekend. I think the thrift shops would be the place to start for the smaller bottles, but something new for the hurrican vase. Has anyone out there tried to replicate this? Let me know!


Romana said...

dearest, if you have no luck with a collection of smaller jars, let me know. I have about 6-10 old spice jars still with their stoppers that would be perfect, although all the same size.

My Secret Rooms said...

Wow! That looks like quite the challenge.... Can you buy the fluid in any store, to light the lanterns?
Do tell if you do this - I'd love to get a manual for it, 'cuz I really think it looks wonderful!!