Wednesday, 28 September 2011

L is for Luggage

Recently I had to travel interstate with a colleague.. on the same day as the scheduled airline strikes. We spoke about it the day before and it was decided that we would only take hand luggage for the overnight trip. So the next morning off I go and head straight to the gate. My colleague is there with no luggage, instead I was met with "yeah I didn't have an appropriate bag."

Now the purpose of this post was not to complain about my colleague, or the hour it took to collect his luggage at the other end. My purpose is to talk about 1. how much I love luggage, and 2. make the point that good, correct size luggage is important.

Of course it would be nice if we could all rock up to our private planes, yachts or luxury trains with a trolley full of mongrammed LV but in reality practicality and budget will always prevail.

"A woman never goes anywhere but the hospital without packing makeup, clothes, and jewelery."
Grace Kelly

So, my hot tips for luggage
1. His and Hers carry on (ensure that it has areas accessable from the outside so you arent trying to rummage through it while its in the overhead locker)
2. A soft pack to slip the essentials in for the flight that will fit under your chair without being destroyed (for long haul flights think toothpaste, face cream, socks, book)
3. 2 medium sized cases (soft or hard case depending on your preference
4. 1 large case (ideal for family travels)

Nina Garcia, an authority on style, recommends packing the following in your carry on, just in case your checked luggage goes missing or is delayed;
black cashmere turtleneck
a toothbrush
a bathing suit
cosmetics bag
all jewelery

Bon voyage lovers!

Ms Lover

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My Secret Rooms said...

Hahahahaha :-D
I'll make da*n sure to pack cashmere turtleneck and jewelry. Heck, I'll even buy it especially!!!