Thursday, 22 December 2011

Can anyone help me?

{image: Kikki K}

Ahh.. excuse me.. hello... can anyone help me???  It seems that I have misplaced something - you may know where it is?

Its about 355 days long, has four seasons and contains lots of fun filled events, a little splattering of work and another handful of memories.

Yep, I've lost 2011. I don't know where the time went, but here we are the day before Christmas Eve, and I am wondering what happened. The year started off with our wedding, a few work trips away, a family visit for Easter, my sister moving states and then moving back again. There was Mary Poppins the musical, U2 the concert, a graduation from my Masters at Uni, a Picasso exhibition, a Dolly Parton concert, some more work trips, a huband returning, a new Elastic Chair and R160, plus a couch, and here we are at the end.

Of course the next few days will be filled with food wine and presents. I'd like to say sleep ins too, but I wont hold out on that.

Thank you all for helping me begin my blogging journey. I hope it has given you some enjoyment when you have visited. It has given me enjoyment. In the new year I would like to keep it up and share even more inspiration and love through design and my life.

So Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to you all. Please be safe over the break and enjoy time spent with family and freinds.

Mrs Wife


Romana said...

I know, the year has flown past so quickly. I am so very happy I got to spend more tiem with you this year, it really was one of the biggest highlights of 2011 for me. I know 2012 will be busy too - can't wait to see what it holds for us all. much love

My Secret Rooms said...

Yes, the year passed like a flash for me too. I'm so hoping for a calmer year 2012 but I doubt it ;-)

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with loads of nice wine and food and family time!