Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Feeling Plush

After splurging on my vintage leather sofa, which I love, I have realised just how different it feels to sit, relax and enjoy different types of sofas. If I had more room I would put a velvet sofa somewhere. Not quite sure where – and it wont happen for awhile so I may have moved by then!! In the mean time I have to decide a colour and style – no small feat with these beauties as inspiration!

aandacht_antwerpen_15BELGIUM headoverheels_Decorista gramercy
{via Gramercy}

elledecornov09ScannedImage-3 velvet sofa
{elle decor}

living-room-velvet sofa massucco warner miller
{massucco warner miller}

tyler dawson design beach street st
{Tyler Dawson}

velvet sofas (Johnathon Adler)
{Jonathon Adler}

via Marcus Design vevlet couch
{via Marcus Design}

Good book and a throw, or are you more in the mood for a glass of red and and good company? Come on Lovers  fess up!

Ms Lover

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Romana said...

I am feeling the need for some mama quiet time (lol) so a good book and a throw is what I need...but any of the sofas pictured would do!