Friday, 9 December 2011

Three Chairs

"I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship and three for society."

Wise man Henry David Thoreau. Who cares if he lived in the 1800s? So I now have two of my three dream Featherston chairs. The third one, Elenor, will have to wait until I get a payrise or a new job! In the mean time I have my elastic chair, the first Featherston love, and now I have my lovely pale blue R160. Both early to mid 1950s I love them so much that no one else is allowed to sit in them, including Mr Husband. He has his Eames instead. I can not believe so many have come up for auction lately. Perhaps they are out of vogue and I have missed the boat - but going by the strong bidding and high prices I doubt it. Surely they will always be classics?

Back to Thoreau, the American was many things before passing away aged 45, an author and poet, philosopher, naturalist, development critic, historian and leading transcendentalist. I think I would add him to my list of dead people that I would invite over for the ultimate dinner party. Who would you bring, and what do you think of R160?

Love Mrs (naughty) wife

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Romana said...

Loving the "new" R160! Maybe we can sit the R160 next to the elastic and let them become best friends? And I promise to only wear my nicest clothes when I visit so you will let me sit in one :)