Monday, 12 December 2011

Have you ever noticed a house or building out of the corner of your eye, and then it starts to haunt you. You find yourself driving past it, wondering what its story is, who lives there, what its like on the inside? I imagine that often we would be slightly let down with reality, but in the case of this beauty I think I am still in love. The sweet little Morts Cottage has been beautifully complimented by the extension designed by Thomas Jacobsen Architects. I love the contrast of modern and historic. I love the glass pavillion. I love the simple garden.

The Gothic Revival of the cottage has a certain quaintness but defiantely can hold its own in the upmarket suburb of Double Bay in Sydney. The down side to this five bedroom plus study beauty is the price tag - but don't fret they have just lowered it in hope of a pre-Christmas sale, now its a steal at $5.5 million. Opps Sorry, should have told you to put your cup of coffee down first.

Dream on Mrs Lover and Ms Wife - you have more chance of getting an Elenor Chair to finish off your collection!

To be honest, the kitchen needs a bit more work and I'm not 100% convinced about the lighting but I still love the extension. Eccletic mix of furniture is great as well.

Mrs Lover (of Double Bay Homes)

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My Secret Rooms said...

I love it! Oh, how I love that house. And the pool??!!!
Wow. Something completely different from our attached small house.... :-D
Nice to see.