Thursday, 8 December 2011

A new addition

Mr Husband has been away the last couple of weeks travelling in South America. All was well at home until I came across a 20th Century furniture auction here in Sydney. Oh dear...

I am now the proud new owner of a beautiful 1950s three seater leather sofa, a Borge Morgensen sofa. On the slightly more problematic front it means that I need to rearrage our whole living space. Because we rent there isn't really many options available. We have a dining area off the kitchen, and then an odd shaped living area that is dicatated by a sliding door on one wall and the tv plug on another. After pulling things apart for the whole day I am in a vague position to get the new sofa delivered this week. In the mean time I have a lot to clean up, and several images to drool over (and lots of inspiration when I get to the fine tuning part of the reorganising!)

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Lots of the images that I have included are more to do with the colour of the new couch - which is not well shown in the top photo. It is actually more of a milky coffee colour, not a tan, not a brown and unfortunately not a black. The black couch in the third image is the exact same model as the new purchase. I'm wishing that I had the room for a big shag pile rug, or maybe something more subtle like the antelope rugs I've been noticing lately. I think I had better let the bank account settle down first!

I'll share the rearranging photos soon!

Mrs (spend-a-lot) wife and Ms Lover


Romana said...

Can't wait to see your rearranged living room!!

My Secret Rooms said...

Börge Mogensen is one of my (five) favorites ever!!!!! How I envy you that sofa :-D
(and I could never resist putting a Josef Frank pillow in it, just saying'...)

PLEASE show pics asap of the living room with the sofa in it!!!!!!!!!
Great purchase!